Announcing new mobile pop-up maker learning space

TechSavvy Solution announces Create Make Learn ~  a mobile learning experience that brings the opportunity to CREATE and MAKE to teachers, students, and life-long learners. 

After months of planning, organizing, collaborating with amazingly creative educators and supporters, we launched  our first CREATE MAKE LEARN event in Burlington, Vermont.  

Fifty educators spent the week learning together creating, making, and learning together. Each of them is returning to their classroom with new skills, new tools, and new ideas for increasing student engagement, empowerment, and agency as well as ideas of how to use the power of making to meet new educational standards.

The resounding “we want more” from participants has validated our vision to turn Create Make Learn into a mobile learning experience that brings the opportunity to CREATE and MAKE to more learners.   This vision started  in Austin, Texas during SxSw 2014 and continued as we traveled, worked, and learned from our 1983 Bluebird bus.   We, soon, started to make plans for what this might look like as we drove towards Vermont.  

 The success of our first event “igniting the spark” of creating and making with Vermont educators has confirmed that we need to follow our heart and continue to ignite the spirit of creating and making in more educators in hopes of transforming the learning experience of today’s students.  Follow Create, Make, Learn on Google Plus   or Join our Mailing List

 Thank you Shelly Fryer for capturing the reason why we need to ignite the spark of learning by creating and making during our first Create, Make Learn event in Burlington, Vermont. Thank you to Wes Fryer, Kevin Jarrett, Craig Lyndes, Caleb Clark for being awesome collaborators in making this first event a huge success. But most of all, THANK YOU to the educators who dived into a state of flow this week creating, making, and thinking about what this means for our students.


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